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Welcome to Arlington Dead Animal Removal! Got a terrible smell in your house, or do you see a dead critter on your property? We are an animal control company specializing in the removal of dead animals from your home, attic, basement, walls, yard, or any part of your property. You clearly don't want a dead animal in your house. Carcasses attract flies and give off terrible smells, not to mention the potential diseases rotting flesh can cause. Whenever we remove dead animals, we use 100% safe methods and make sure to disinfect your home and get rid of all traces of odor. Click here for Free Roadkill Removal and click here for Dead Pet Body Removal. For deceased wild animals in your home or property, call us anytime at 571-347-9828 to schedule an appointment for today! We come out fast! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Foul Odor Diagnosis
  • Full Property Inspections
  • House Damage Repairs
  • Dead Body Location Services
  • Proper Carcass Disposal
  • Cleanup & Decontamination Services
  • Deodorization Services

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Arlington is proud to offer the services of a fully trained team of field technicians who carry commercial liability insurance; can service residential, industrial, and commercial properties (along with others); and have an unbeaten track record in 100% eliminating live or dead wild animal problems. Our removal process works because the approach makes getting to the root of the problem easy – and that’s our first and highest priority. In doing so, we can ensure that corrective action is put in place, such as removal of dead animals and the restoration of affected areas, as well as preventing future attacks. All work is carried out to the very highest of standards, and comes with a full guarantee to ensure that our service exceeds your expectations. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy enough to give us a five-star rating. We can remove mice, rats, stray cats, raccoons, opossums, moles, snakes, squirrels, birds – you name it, we can find and remove it, whether it's a dead animal or a live one. And we do it while causing you as little stress as possible, our technicians promising to cause minimal disruption and mess. Any mess or deconstruction that is performed during the removal process, will be reconstructed, restored, and put right back to its original state. Once our technicians are gone, you’ll never have known they were there at all. So, for more information or to get the process rolling, give us a call on 571-347-9828 today. We’re the number one removal people in Virginia!

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What if you found roadkill or a dead animal such as a deer in a public place, and you want the city or Arlington County services to remove it for free? Click here for Free Arlington County Dead Animal Removal services. What if a farm animal like a horse, or your beloved pet dog or pet cat has died and you need the body taken away? Click here for Dead Pet Body Removal.

We are experts in dead animal removal, and take our job seriously. When removing dead animals, we do a COMPLETE job — not only do we remove the dead animal from your home or yard, we also decontaminate the area, deodorize it, and dispose of the animal or cremate it. If you aren't sure whether the stench in your house is due to a rotting carcass or another reason, we can sniff it out with our noses from our years of experience. We remove dead raccoons, dead opossums, dead skunks, dead squirrels, dead birds, even dead dogs and cats. We frequently remove dead rodents from inside walls, because poison kills rats and mice, who die in your house. We completely solve your dead animal problem by taking these steps:

  • Sniff out the dead animal if it is somewhere in your home
  • When necessary, for example if the animal is in a wall or under your house, cut a hole to remove the animal
  • Remove the dead animal, safely and completely (and seal the hole if needed)
  • Finish the job by decontaminating and deodorizing your home
  • Properly dispose of the dead animal through incineration or other means
  • Prevent it from happening again by finding out how they got in your house

Dead animal carcass removal is specialty work. Sometimes the job is simple, such as a dead opossum in the yard, in which case we can simply wear our gloves and respirator mask, bag the carcass, and take it away for incineration. Sometimes this is more complex, such as when the dead animal is under a home crawlspace, under a porch or deck or shed. Or if the animal is larger, such as a dog or a deer. The most complex cases are dead animals inside the house. The animal may have died inside the attic, or down in the walls, or the duct work, or any other part of the architecture. You may have a bad smell in your home, and you're not even sure what's causing it. We've removed not just dead animals, but rotting food, bad mold, etc. We specialize in locating the source of the smell, and we very commonly cut a hole in the ceiling or wall to remove the animal. We remove every bit of the carcass, mop up the juices, vacuum the maggots, spray it and wipe it down with disinfectant, cleaner, and we repair the hole we cut. In some cases we use ozone machines to neutralize odor.

Arlington Dead Animal Tip: Why do animals die inside a house?

There are quite a few instances of dead animals entering a home or garden or lawn and then dying in the house. Are you wondering why animals die inside a house? There must be a reason why an animal would enter a home and then die there.

Unfortunately, there are no obvious reasons or answers explaining why animals die inside a house. Even so, there are some reasons that help explain this phenomenon. Here is a look at some reasons why an animal dies inside a house.

Stuck in your home
One of the most common reasons why an animal may die inside a house is it has got stuck. This is especially true for small animals like rats and bats as well as squirrels who can easily get stuck inside the wall or in a siding.

One can determine this as being the cause of the death of an animal by looking at the scratching sounds made by the animal or by the sound of them scampering around looking for an exit. Once the animal gets stuck, it is not able to get out and hence will be deprived of food and water and will die a slow death.

Trapped or poisoned
Another reason why animals die inside a house is they have been trapped or poisoned. If you have laid a trap to relocate the animal or relocate it, then this is another reason why it could die.

Once the animal is trapped in your trap, it can get killed because the trap itself was lethal or because you may have used poisoned bait to lure the animal into the trap. Once the animal eats the poison, it will die quickly and may not have enough time to get out of your home.

Disease kills them
Yet another reason why animals die inside a house is because they may have a disease. This happens in rare cases and if the animal has been starving or if it has a disease, then it could die because of these reasons. The sad part is that once an animal carries a disease, it can transfer it to other animals and in this way can cause an epidemic that can lead to the death of other animals and many of them may have entered your home where they may have died.

Animals are also known to enter a house to sleep and to curl up and relax. This happens the most when the animal is sick or injured. A rat is a good example of an animal dying in your home because it may have consumed poison and died before it could leave your home. Bats, being very fragile, may get trapped and may die because they are not able to escape. This happens when they are not handled properly and when they are sick or injured.

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